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How to double your website leads in 30 days

With a bit of effort and some clear targeted action, you can double your website leads in as little as 30 days.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through consistency, especially in your calls to action. A call to action is an invitation to a prospective client to engage with you. This could be a purchase, a like, leaving a review or anything else you can think of.

But the key to it is to be consistent. Make sure that you have a well-drafted call to action that offers the prospective client the minimum path of resistance. Make it easy for them to make that purchase.

‘Buy now’, ‘Free Shipping’ and elements such as clickable working phone numbers, chat buttons and others are excellent examples of this.

Give something away for free. For example, this website offers free automated audits of websites, allowing our clients to see how their website performs. When they use their free gift, present them with something else that offers further value from a price.

You should always offer your audience valuable content that really does answer the query they have made. Educate them, give them tutorials, how to videos and really drill down to engage them with valuable content.

It is one thing to say you are the best at something, but it is another thing if you can prove it to your audience.

You can build trust by featuring a case study section on your website. You can go one further and create dedicated landing pages for promotions that also feature best in class case studies. It’s important that your landing pages and call to actions are part of the overall strategy and that all your marketing elements work together to some extent.

It’s not about you it’s about them

Prospective clients are not that interested in what you have to say about your business, but rather what your business can do for them. Show them that your product or service will result in big financial savings, for example, by giving them a case study of how your business has already done this for someone else.

You can also use testimonials from satisfied customers and you should always try to get your customers to leave a review.

The most important thing in all of this is to be truthful and not embellish or misrepresent anyone or anything. Be honest and trust will be built accordingly.
Every part of your marketing will benefit from these case studies and testimonials. All your online marketing touchpoints will convert better.

But which touchpoint should you start improving first?

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