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How To Find New Clients Via Internet

To some extent, all businesses use the internet to find new clients. Different businesses allocate different percentages of their budget to online marketing. As online marketing grows its effectiveness more and more companies are adopting it as their main marketing medium. As time goes by a smart combination of internet strategies can be far more effective than traditional marketing techniques.

But many companies still find it hard to find clients on the internet. Here are 4 main internet marketing tools you can use to find new clients online:

1. Get clear or go home

The first hurdle to overcome is not technical, it's strategic. In order to market yourself effectively online you need to know your target audience well. If you don’t it's going to be really hard for you to find it. The first strategy is to get clear about who you want to target and what your sales goals are.

2. Social Media

An important element is social media. Once you’re clear about your target audience you’ll be able to pick the right social platform to market on. This should be a mix of organic and paid traffic. Social Media always requires an element of testing to understand what engages your audience, however after a few months of monitoring and testing you should learn a lot about your audience. The next step is to create paid campaigns to grow your email list and followers. Social Media can bring you clients directly, from messages, through ads and by directing them to content on your website. It’s all about finding the right combination that works for you.

3. Paid Traffic

The next element is paid search. Search engines offer the opportunity to place ads on top of search results for a price per click or per view. This is an opportunity to rank for and test some keywords. This is a very important step for 2 reasons, it gives you prospects in the short term but also shows you which keywords are worth working on ranking for. It also helps you scale once you’re making enough money from organic and social media efforts.

4. Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is an important part of your online strategy because it allows you to get found on top of search engines results for your products and services and take advantage of free traffic. This allows you to bring in regular leads and start monetising your marketing efforts. Alongside social media thighs starts bringing in a more irregular amount of clients helping you stabilise your cash-flow.

Once this is established more investment in SEO and Paid Ads can be added to scale. If you want to create consistent cash-flow for your business or scale it up you need to know where you’re starting out and which combination of strategies will benefit you most where you are right now.

We have created a roadmap that helps you analyse all the pillars of online marketing and understand where you stand in each. It helps you decide what your next best step is, to go to the next level and what combination of marketing techniques are going to get you there. Ready to find out?

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