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Kick start your growth

As business owners, we face a lot of adversity and events in our business that are unplanned and unexpected. When opening a business we envisage it will grow, but this often does not happen naturally. Growth requires investment and planning.

But many get fed up of waiting for the results. In spite of good planning, the results can be slow to come. As entrepreneurs, we want them sooner, faster, better. We want a formula to kick-start our growth, and we want to do it as early on in our business journey as possible.

What if there was a way to kick-start growth faster in any business?
The great news is that there is. We’ve created a system based on our Online Marketing Mastery Formula (OMMF) to help you kick start the growth of your business…

To kick-start your business growth you need to investigate and find the weak points of your website that can easily be addressed. You don't need to create a new website. We’re talking about small fast tweaks that help you generate enquiries from your website.

  1. Do you have enough content?
    Look at your website to see if it has enough content. If it doesn't have enough pages, there is very little there for Google and your clients to be interested in. Identify your key pages and make sure to add more content.

    If you have products, make sure your product and category pages have enough content on them too.
  2. Add Call-to-actions (CTAs) to all your pages. In order to elicit more activity from your readers it is important to have CTAs. Add one to your key pages.
  3. Add a physical address to your website. By adding an address you’re automatically more trustworthy by Google and visitors alike.
  4. Add a contact form. By adding a simple form you make it easy for people to contact you. You want to make sure you have an easy to find, simple to fill in form.
  5. Check the code for problems. There may be areas of your site that don't work properly. Fix these issues as much as possible.
  6. Fix your navigation. Make sure it's easy to navigate your website.
  7. Run some Google or Social Ads to kickstart your leads until you start ranking organically.

The 7 tips above are based on our OMMF roadmap. We use a proven formula that has worked for many different types of businesses over two decades. Our formula will help you improve your lead generation and cash flow in the short term. Take the product to market, test it and grow sales.

We’re confident it can work for you too. As you begin to improve and create your marketing ecosystem around your product, you will begin to see results and scaling it becomes a natural outcome.

When you see the product selling practically automatically on the internet, you will get excited by its potential. It will be easy to focus your actions and invest further to get even better results. You will get unlimited energy and scaling will become effortless.

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