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Revisiting your strategy to keep your growth

A lot of businesses grow quite naturally for the first few years, especially those who use online marketing at the early stages already. But even those that were onto a good start, often plateau after a few years. When this happens, business owners turn to their sales teams and question why they’re not closing more leads and why the upward trend has ceased.

They invest in sales training, fire and rehire the weakest links in their sales departments and wait for the results. However they’re missing the wood from the trees. In business very often what got you from phase one to phase two and three, will not get you to stage four and five. When your business hits a plateau after a growth stage it's because you’ve been fishing for the same fish in the same pond too long.

As business owners this can be disastrous, expenses grow yearly and industries change fast. Which means that when a business stops growing it starts dying or at best it is in unsure waters.

It’s time to revisit your strategy and strive to find a new perspective.

There are ways in which you can assure that your company’s growth does not stall. The only way to do this is by having a well planned online marketing strategy that is designed to fuel the growth of your company. If the sales team is not closing enough leads anymore, it’s not because they are suddenly not as good as they used to be. It’s because the pool of leads has dried up and they have utilised most of the contacts in their orbit.

This means that your marketing department needs to revisit and rethink their strategy. They need to now focus on getting new fresh leads into your pipeline. The best way to do this, is by preparing your website and aligning your marketing efforts to harvest leads online and turn them into clients. Whether your clients are based locally, regionally or internationally there is a right-fit online marketing strategy for you.

If you want to kickstart growth again for a stagnant website, you need to add content regularly and start thinking about serving the niches in your industry. This works great for social media and also SEO.

By subdividing your categories into niche content, like for example a shoe shop would subdivide the category of sport shoes into tennis, football, running etc… once this is done, the running shoes section (and other niched sections) can be again subdivided into indoor, outdoor, racing track, cross country etc…

This is not only for products, the same applies for services that can be divided by industries, or niched into using their verticals. When you do this progressively, you can cover all the niche services and products in your business. When you can’t subdivide them anymore, start working on your blog.

This is where you will be able to add more categories and add informative content about it. For example, waterproof shoes which can be used for water resistant shoes but would have looked silly on your product pages. But since you’ve done your keyword research and know people search for both, you want to be found for both.

In order to be found for a specific search, you must have content that serves this search… your blog comes to the rescue where your regular pages can’t.

There is always a way to grow your content, at FairTech we have clients that are with us since 17 years and still, we continue to help them successfully grow month after month, using keyword research to find out what people are looking for.

We recommend you to start by doing your keyword research to understand what your audience is looking for, then setting up reporting tools and assessing your current situation. Looking at all the different tools available in online marketing, such as SEO, social media, email… and find out which combination of tools and strategies can help you.

At Fairtech we have created a blueprint that is based on the pillars of online marketing. By understanding where you are in each pillar and planning the next cash-focused step, you can kick start lead generation and the growth of your company really quickly.

Our blueprint is simple to understand yet comprehensively covers every single aspect you need to be thinking about. Would you like a peek?

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