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A lot of new businesses jump onto social media as the holy grail of marketing, it feels within reach and everyone can start with it. But after much posting, engaging and promoting. New businesses start feeling proud of their new slick online presence, they love the engagement and are proud of their likes. But when you ask them how many clients they got from social media, the answer is often I don’t know or a number close to zero.

Social media by itself can generate leads but often it takes a lot of effort and once your network dries up, so do the leads. In order to keep generating new leads you need a strategy that extends into SEO. It’s very hard to build a business purely on social media and even if that were possible, it would be very high risk, because you don’t own social media platforms. They can change, charge or disappear leaving you high and dry.

We believe in connecting your social media work to SEO. When your social media marketing is driven by your SEO strategy, everything works together to give you better visibility. Every social effort moves a tide towards ranking your website in search engines and making you more visible. This means that your strategy is more focused and both social media and SEO are working on the same plan with a similar agenda.

Doing your keywords research for SEO and monitoring the behaviour of your website visitors will yield a lot of information that can cross-fertilise your other online marketing efforts.

Here are 4 ways you can use the data and information you get from your SEO strategy:

  1. You can improve the content of your website including downloadable freebies, messaging and imagery to appeal more to what your ideal customers want. For example if your main traffic driver is the keyword ‘purple shoes’ then you know exactly which shoe to put on your homepage with a big special offer on it , right?
  2. Using SEO to choose your posts' topics will ensure you that you provide content that your audience is looking for. This will translate into more readers and followers that can’t wait for your next post, resulting in a regular increase in sales that will positively impact your cash-flow confidence.
  3. You can also use the intelligence your SEO data tells you to add the right info to your printed materials like brochures, flyers, press releases, billboards etc using the vocabulary used by your clients, (the keywords from the keyword research) highlight the product and service people are looking for based on the information you got monitoring the behavior of your visitors on your website which product and/or services pages they visit during the time that they spend on your site.
  4. You can also use these keywords in your ads both online and offline. Every marketing touchpoint is an opportunity to finetune what you do with the data and information collected from your SEO efforts and monitoring.

    SEO takes the guesswork out of ALL your advertising efforts. When you use an SEO-led marketing strategy you create more followers and start to feel like a rockstar. Your ads, pages, website and your message reach more people and get more popular. You’ll see your followers growing but also your leads and sales.

    Our OMMF blueprint has been proven through hundreds of client projects over the last 20 years. It shows you how to look at every part of your online marketing and bring it all together one step at a time to consolidate one strong strategy with one ultimate goal: getting more leads and sales.

    The Online Marketing Mastery Formula acts as your master plan, which incorporates all the pillars of your lead generation roadmap to online marketing success. The formula also acts as a guide to reflect upon your strengths and weaknesses, and map out the next best cash-focused steps.
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