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Online Visibility for your business

In the world of marketing, visibility is everything. Think of Times Square in New York. Although there are thousands of adverts in bright neon light, your eyes are immediately drawn to the tallest, brightest and most catchy advert on display. The same is true for digital marketing. You want your content to be the first on display, with the catchiest message and the most attractive layout. How do you do that?

Look at your Marketing Assets

This is a multi-pronged task. You need to be the most relevant product or service, with the highest visibility. Your marketing assets start with your branding. What is attractive about your brand? Attractiveness can be anything from a unique product or service, or something that satisfies a very specific need. This could be designer clothing, or the ability to unblock a drain with an hour’s response time. Your marketing assets can include videos, testimonials, newsletters, blog posts, podcasts or anything else that could entice a potential customer to choose your business.

Look at your Stats

This cannot be stressed enough. There are plenty of paid and free tools to use to see who you are attracting, when, where, why and how. Use Google Analytics. Sign up to Sitebulb, Screaming Frog or Semrush. Drill down as far as you can and look at the number of visitors, sessions, bounce rates (and why they leave), Click Through Ratios and more. Making sense of these numbers and raw data can be daunting, but these programs are built to present data in a human and understandable way. Take the time to learn how to use the platforms and you will see real results swiftly.

Find the Gap with the Competition and close it

Finding the gap between you and your competition can be as simple as searching for your services and products in search engines and seeing where you are placed compared to your competition. Once you identified this gap using the tools mentioned earlier you can do an in depth analysis of your website and the websites of your competitors ranking above you.
This will show you the gap that you have to close.

In your strategy don’t just close the gap, make sure to be one step ahead of them and set a process in motion to keep this new created advantage. 

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