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3 types funnel that work for any business

Funnels are powerful tools that businesses can use to filter prospects and turn them into converting customers.

There are various different ones out there and in this post, we are going to talk about three easy win funnels you can set up to increase traffic, increase your conversion rate and ultimately, get more customers.

The classic blog post funnel

When you write a blog post, it is likely to be most relevant to prospects that are in the consideration phase. They know they have a problem or a pain point and they have searched online to find a solution.

If your SEO is on point, you will feature in the top first page of the Search Engine Results Page and people browsing the web for solutions will click through to your post.

But just having a blog post on its own is not going to make people buy your product or service.

First of all you must tell them that you are indeed offering a product or service and secondly, you need to have big and bold call to action buttons in strategic places in the post.

If you have a signup system in place, you can also follow up personally with a prospect by sending them an email, booking a Zoom call or a phone call if you can capture telephone numbers.

Freebie and upsell funnel

Another great funnel that any business can set up is a freebie and upsell, because who doesn’t like getting something for free!

Let’s say you put out a Free PDF or ebook guide about how to generate passive income.

When your prospect signs up for it, you direct them to a thank you page and then follow up with an email or a sales call to offer them a product or service that is related to the freebie.

In this case, we could approach the prospect with a deal for a course on how to sell your passive income product or service using an online funnel.
Once you make a sale on that, you direct them to the “thank you” page and upsell again with a third offering, a course on how to drive traffic to a funnel.

The secret here is that everything is related and builds on the previous offer.

Even starting with a free item is adding value - the fact that you offered a freebie first gets your foot in the door and you are still offering added value to potential customers.

The live webinar funnel

The great thing about webinars is that they can be used to just give a small taster on what you have to offer.

Let’s take our industry: Marketing. We can organise a webinar where we give 5 or 10 easy actionable tips that can help business performance.

At the end of the free training, we present an offer that prospects really don’t want to miss out on.

In the last third of the webinar, you too could present your offer in person and really make your clients feel that they need it.

Some will not convert immediately, but you can always follow up by email and phone, because you harvested this when they registered for the webinar. In fact even those who didn’t attend can be reached by email to watch the replay or to simply make them familiar with your offer.

If you want to get more customers online, creating automated funnels is definitely the way to go. See FairTech’s strategy from collecting email addresses with freebies to sales and upsales.
For a DIY solution check our course to create funnels in FairTech’s digital marketing academy: Learn More

If you are looking for a turnkey solution done by our team of specialists, request a call back here.