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How funnel can bring more clients

If you do things right, sales and marketing funnels can bring you more clients that convert on a repeat basis.
The best thing about them is that they are always there, targeting and retargeting potential clients.
It is a well-known fact that the attention span of website visitors is getting shorter and shorter and that we all need instant gratification when browsing online.
If a page takes too long to load, we skip it. If a video does not appeal, we simply scroll down to the next one.
The same principle holds true for a website. People come and go and bounce rates are getting higher.
So what can you do to make people stick to your page? The answer is simple. Create sales funnels.

What is a sales funnel

Think of your sales funnel as a cone. Your prospective customers enter at the top of the funnel when they are only at the discovery stage.
As they continue down their journey towards making a purchase, they move further into the final stages of the funnel that gets narrower and narrower until the conversion is made.

Segmenting your funnel

As we mentioned earlier, people get distracted easily. You do not want them to navigate around your page. You should target them with an ad or rich organic content that leads them to specific landing pages.
That way you are taking a potential customer to exactly where both you and they want them to be.
You should think about your potential clients and how your business should present its products or services to them.

For example, are you a B2B operator or a B2C? If, for example, you are a dentist, you need to think differently if you are a sole operator with a single clinic as opposed to a chain of clinics.
The former would focus on one specific catchment area, but the latter could create different landing pages for different places.

Be specific in your targeting

Another great benefit of sales funnels is that you can be very specific in your targeting and the offers you make.
You can upsell. If you are in the bicycle business, and someone purchases a bike off you, you can offer them a toolkit, spare tyre, or drinking bottle.
If they don’t go for the sale, you can downsell by offering them the chance to pay the purchase off over a three month period.

Make funnels part of your sales process

Evidence shows that a sales funnel can bring you more clients and improve your conversion rate.
The best thing is that, unlike people, your sales funnel works for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The funnels literally become sales reps that never get sick or need a holiday.

If you want to get more customers online, creating automated funnels is definitely the way to go. See FairTech’s strategy from collecting email addresses with freebies to sales and upsales.
For a DIY solution check our course to create funnels in FairTech’s digital marketing academy: Learn More

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