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How to create automated funnel to book more calls from your site

Funnels can be created for just about any aspect of your business offering, and the most important thing you can do is test after deployment.

Designing the funnel

Probably the most common automated funnel out there is the webinar funnel. The first thing you need to do to design your funnel is start from the end.

Focus on the product you want to sell.

Write the sales page first so that you know exactly what you’re selling and you know all the benefits and features.

Then create a webinar that educates prospects into needing this product. If you sell DIY training, convince them that they can do it alone. If you do the work for them (like an agency) show them the ROI (return on investment) of working with you.

Once you’ve created the slides and script for your webinar, create the registration page for the webinar.

Write all the emails that get people to attend the webinar and also some more after for the replay and to remind them about the offer you’re selling. (you can also add retargeting ads once your funnel is pretty full).

Test it live first

The next step is to test it live.

You’ll need to test it live a few times so that you can make sure it’s working and also take the opportunity to tweak and improve it.

You want to first deliver the webinar.

Make sure that your landing page is converting at least at average rates if not higher.

Make sure that the offer converts with this webinar.

Make sure people are opening your emails (at average rates at least).

If you’re finicky you can spend time in this phase improving your conversion rates at every point.

What matters is that when you ask them to book a call, whether it’s by email or on the webinar itself, they go ahead and do it.

Make sure it works, then automate

Once you‘re confident that the funnel is working, Emails are being captured and segmented, people are responding to your email sequence and offer, you’re ready to automate.

To automate it, you’ll need to use a webinar automation platform such as Everwebinar or WebinarKit depending on your budget. And also automate all the other email communications using an automation tool such as Active Campaign.

Automated webinar funnels get overwhelmed quite quickly, so be ready to tweak and troubleshoot in the first weeks and months.

Once you start feeding traffic into your automated funnel using ads, you will likely need to filter calls with a form - so that you only give call time to REAL prospects.

If you want to get more customers online, creating automated funnels is definitely the way to go. For a DIY solution check our course to create funnels in FairTech’s digital marketing academy: Learn More

If you are looking for a turnkey solution done by our team of specialists, request a call back here.

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