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How to turn social platform engagement into customers

Social media has grown into a great platform for businesses to reach out to their clients and use engagement as a strategy to build their funnels.

When social media first started out, it was simply a way to communicate and keep in touch. But things have changed drastically and practically every social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest and even Linkedin have become vital weapons in the arsenal of any marketing department.

What Is a Social Media Engagement Funnel?

A social media engagement funnel is a multi-step process where you turn prospects into customers by getting them to engage with your content.

The funnel is called a funnel because a visual representation looks just like one.
The top-end will be wide and it tapers down to a cone where clients become converted.
On average, it takes between 8 to 12 engagements for a prospect to convert into a customer.

The top of the social media engagement funnel - Awareness

The top of the social media engagement funnel is when potential customers are still at the awareness stage.

They will have pain points and you can generate new leads by offering content that addresses those issues.

The first step is to get these people onto your email list. You can then warm up prospects in this stage by serving them adverts or videos that solve their problem, after they have registered for your email list. The educational content you serve them should take them into the next stage. The consideration stage.

The middle of the social media engagement funnel - Consideration

When prospective clients are in the middle of the funnel, they are in the consideration phase of their journey.

By this point, your leads will be warm as they know more about you and the content you are serving them.

During this segment, you should focus on education and explainer long form content to build their trust and to show expertise.

It takes between 8 to 12 engagements before a conversion, so produce a lot of content for this section. Your goal should be to entice prospective clients into engaging with likes, comments, reshares and other actions.

The awareness stage of the journey is the shortest but the consideration stage is the longest.

The bottom of the social media engagement funnel - Conversion

This is the most delicate part of the funnel and this is where prospective clients become conversions and customers.

This phase of the customer journey needs your full attention. If your prospects drop out at this stage, you should retarget them with advertising to bring them back into the funnel where they dropped out.

Social media engagement funnels

A social media engagement funnel always starts with asking for permission.

You can ask them if they want your freebie. Then send the registration form.
Ask them if they’d like to connect on a call. Then send the booking form.
Ask them if they like the content and want more like it.
Ask them what kind of content they’d like you to create.
You can raffle a prize which they need to register for.

The first step is to funnel them into your email list.

When you do this you’re getting permission from them to share more with them and they will stay in your orbit.

The end game here is to push the prospect away from the social media platform and onto your website (or landing page) where you will have a much better chance of a conversion by retargeting them using ads or dropping an offer in their inbox..

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