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Increase Leads with Marketing Funnels

Research has shown that businesses that use marketing funnels are more likely to register sales and growth, simply due to the data they can use to leverage better strategies.

Marketing funnels are all about piquing the interest of a prospect and guiding them on a customer experience journey that will turn them into a paying conversion, and ultimately a loyal and return customer.
There are different strategies that a business can adopt and the funnels they choose to set up can vary depending on the nature of the products or services they have on offer.

1. The Lead Generation Funnel

The Lead Generation Funnel is one of the most commonly used. Its purpose is to build awareness and visibility of your brand, which will, in turn, build your audience.
The content put to that audience will determine whether they can flow through to the end of the funnel and make a decision to become a paying customer.

Choose your lead magnet
To set up a Lead Generation Funnel, you should first choose your lead magnet. This is what you will use to grab your audience’s attention and could be anything from a free coupon to sign up to your letter, or the chance to win a prize if they supply their contact details.
Once they do, the lead magnet should push the user through to a landing page where they can opt-in and receive a welcome message.

2. The Free Sample or Free Consultation Funnel

Everyone loves a free gift. Offering a free sample of your products or a free consultation about your services is a fantastic way to bring in new prospects.

Obtaining personal information
The best thing about this marketing funnel is that in order to receive their free gift or consultation, prospects will need to provide some personal information, which will set them on the path into your marketing funnel.
When the prospect receives the sample or consultation, your relationship with them immediately enters the nurturing phase and can result in a full item or service purchase if you successfully draw the prospect further into the bottom of the funnel.

3. The Product Launch Funnel

Another great idea for a Marketing Funnel is a product launch funnel. This can be set up before you start selling a product.

Building anticipation
The beauty of this type of funnel is that you can start building anticipation with your audience through “coming soon” campaigns.
You can send out emails and offer freebies to a select number of prospects who sign up to receive updates.

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