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Why Business Needs Sales Funnel

You may be asking why your business needs a sales funnel and the simple answer is that it helps you convert leads into prospects and prospects into sales.
A sales funnel is a process that leads visitors to your website on a journey from discovery and awareness to the act of purchasing your product or services.
Every digital marketing strategy should have a dedicated sales funnel. The sales funnel forms the tail end of a wider funnel that starts with marketing.

How important is a sales funnel?

Recent data shows that 68 percent of B2B companies have not yet identified their sales funnel. The same data shows those that have enjoyed better conversion rates and repeat customers.
Why? It’s simple. If you do not identify your sales funnel and rely on old trial and error methods and intuition, you are working in the dark.
The main goal of a sales funnel is to take leads and convert them into prospects. If you optimise your sales funnel, you can then take those prospects and convert them into customers who eventually become loyal repeat customers who will purchase products or services from your business time and time again.

Focus on the right leads

An online sales funnel gives you deep insights into which leads to pursue. You can devote time and resources to following up leads that have promise, rather than chasing them blindly.

Sort and rank sales leads

The data generated by a sales funnel will help you organise, sort, evaluate and rank sales leads.

Implement a long-term process for leads nurturing

Monitoring where your leads sit in the sales funnel will allow you to follow up with them during the process to help them make the purchase decision.

Attract the perfect leads to your business

If you enrich your sales funnel with the right content, you can attract the leads that you want. Instead of throwing darts at the board and hoping to hit something, you can zero in on the prospect and offer them the right content to secure a conversion.

Make forecasts for your sales volume

Digital marketing is definitely a game of numbers. The data that you gather from your sales funnel using CRM or plugin apps can help you quantify your leads. In turn, this will allow you to use the data to forecast sales over a set period of time.

Creating your funnels is a very important step in the pillars of FairTech’s client acquisition process. It is the pillar that helps you harvest leads and turn them into clients.

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