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Cash Flow Ideas Create Training Course

Training courses are important for your own employees of course. But when you think about how much training employees require. Wouldn’t a course be a great way to create a second stream of income into your business? A great cashflow idea right?

Find your Cash flow ideas in your expertise

Distilling your expertise into a training programme will help position you as an industry expert. Think about how your clients and prospects will perceive you? Even better if they’re not ready to buy they will buy your course instead. Boosting your cash flow instantly.

Check your market for cashflow

Make sure that your programme is marketable. Grab the best marketeer on your team and research your ideas, industry and target audience. Find a topic or niche that combines all these 3 together. Analyse your current customer journey and make sure that your course fits somewhere before people buy your first service or product. To generate passive income you need a cash flow idea not just another product. Your course has the potential to reach many many people, so when you create a course that finds its place naturally before the beginning of your customer journey, you can use it as a way of directing qualified leads into your existing business’ funnel. Therefore creating new income from sales courses but also boosting the growth and revenue of your main business.

Capture those leads that are not ready to buy

Having a training course will help you capture those leads that are not ready to buy and turn them into customers anyway. Later after they consume your training they will also make perfect customers. The content of your course has to carry your prospects to a place where they become ideal prospects. So those who buy your course are also more likely to buy your programme.

Evergreen income ideas to create passive income

Creating a course that sells itself with evergreening tools, will help you create a source of income that has little to no expenses. This makes it infinitely scalable. Over time you will create a balance where you know how many marketing dollars you need to put in, in order to harvest x dollars in return. It becomes that simple.

The first step is to know your topic well and create a great course.
The second step creates the funnels and traffic you need so that it sells itself.

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