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Drive Organic Traffic Your Passive Income Products

Passive income products are great. Both organic and Pay-per-click (PPC) traffic have an important part to play. We want to create a marketing strategy that grows organic traffic to our passive income products and runs alongside PPC campaigns so that we can truly create a resilient and reliable stream of passive income.

To get good organic traffic that drives your passive income products income flow you need to do these 4 steps:

First get to know your ideal client’s lifestyle and what motivates them. This will help you determine the best products to sell to them that will benefit them most. Once this step is achieved, you will start working on keyword research and your products’ sales pages.

Next is the keyword and passive income sales page.
Your sales page is of utmost importance as this is where all your generated traffic will go. It’s important to treat this page with importance as it will transform your cold and warm traffic into buyers.
Keywords are not to be neglected a they play an important role and make sure to get the keyword that you are likely to rank for a these will also be used in the creation of content that will optimize your website

Optimizing your site for SEO will be the following step. Ideally, start with an SEO audit so that you get a good grasp of your ite technology and structure in order to know how it can be improved. Tools can be utilized to monitor progress as well as backlinks and Google My Business for instance.

Lastly but not least is adding a link to your passive income to your website, media profile pages and place

Place a link to your passive income funnel entry pages everywhere on your website, social media profiles and other profile pages you have for your company like on local directories, Google My Business, portals where it makes sense.

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