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How to grow business with internet income ideas

We’ve all seen the flashing banners.
The dramatic videos.

You could be making millions on the internet.
If only…
If only you bought this product.

When they promise Internet income - it smacks of gimmicks right?
That may have been true a few years ago.

But nowadays, there are opportunities for every business to launch passive internet income ideas and expand their income streams beyond the local.

Tools, knowledge and suppliers have become affordable and at every company’s reach.
This makes adding a new stream of internet income possible for ANY business.
Small, big or scaling.

What could your internet income idea be? And How will you know it’s the right one?

Create systems that sell for you and generate passive income

The first important step is to create systems that generate income. The idea is important. But what’s even more important is the traffic generation system that sells your product automatically. It takes some investment and preparation, and of course testing but you can find the internet income idea in your business that will fly.

Upsell or downsell of your offering

A good way to find an internet idea that benefits your business all around is finding an upsell or a downsell for what you already offer. So what could you offer before they buy your current product, or after? Make it a premium product they can move on to after purchasing what you sell, or an alternative which is cheaper for those that are not ready to buy. If your internet income comes from the same target audience in a different stage of the buying journey, then you’ll grow your audience for both products more effortlessly.

Here are some products that can be aligned to a regular brick and mortar business to sell to a larger audience online whilst aligning with your current offering or expertise:

Internet software

Is there anything you sell or part of your process that can be turned into online software? This is a great way to create something scalable. Expenses scale more slowly than revenue in the internet software business and they become highly profitable over time.

A Book

The real estate of the 21st century. A book will keep giving you dividends for many years if you get it right. And it’s also a great lead generation tool because it acts like an international expert’s business card.

A training class

A training class is one of the easiest things to put together. All you need is a camera, some editing tools and knowledge you already have. Create a class your audience needs and you’re good to go.

Amazon products

Another way of doing it is generating traffic to your website and reselling Amazon products alongside your services. Or becoming an affiliate for products you know your clients already want.

Interested in an internet income stream idea?
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