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Scaling Your Business to Generate Consistent Revenue Growth

Scaling is not for everyone. It requires a stable business, strong industry positioning, and excellent human resources. But what if you could scale your services without growing your team?

Many companies have come to realise that by including digital products that require little to no human interaction to sell and deliver, they can scale their income without hiring more people. This sounds like the holy grail for business people who don’t want more stress and more people to manage.

Here are some Digital Marketing ideas that will help you add an offering to your business that scales your income but not your human resources:

1. First find the problem...

If you’re a dentist, importer or even a service provider, is there a gap in the market for an information product? Can you create an informational eBook, video training or a Pdf Guide to help your clients resolve a common problem?

For example, do your patients need help teaching their kids how to brush their teeth. Do they struggle with a home whitening solution that you sell. If you import baby food, can you put together an ebook about weaning? Or if you sell services can you teach your clients why what you sell matters whilst helping them resolve a common problem?

A digital product that answers these questions is what you need to sell.

2. eBooks

Ebooks are a great way to package your knowledge because they can also be printed and sold or shared as a physical product. They also make great Christmas gifts for your clients and help you spread awareness of your business.

3. Video Training

A video training series is a great trust-builder. By watching you on video people get to trust you. This makes them more likely to buy what you sell in your non-digital side of the business when the time is right for them.

4. Pdf Guide

Pdf Guides are great because they help you separate the browsers from the action-takers on your website. A guide that supports your target audience to get something done is going to help you separate those that are interested from those that are taking action already. These people are much more likely to buy from you for two reasons: 1) they already bought from you 2) they are taking action now

The great thing about creating a digital product that scales automatically, is that you need very little input to help it scale. And when you find that product that needs little input, appeals to the same audience as your main business and can reach larger audiences internationally. You will truly have found the holy grail for easy scalability.

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