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High Converting Funnels For Passive Income

Launching a passive income product can be easy

You create a digital product
Write a sales page
Drive traffic to it

And let the money roll in...

This is what it looks like in theory, but the truth is, it’s easy when you know what works. You need to have the right formula to make it quick and easy. You can spend months trying and testing sales pages and funnels, but the secret is in the formula.
Taking these elements into the testing stage takes a long time and can take months to find out what will work for you, unless someone who has done it before can show you the way.

We have spent many years refining a formula that will help you achieve exactly that. We called it the Online Marketing Mastery Formula.
It’s a system that has helped many of our clients understand where they are today and start monetising as fast as possible. It supports your planning and helps you take focused action. The next best action based on where you are right now.

Our formula pushes the needle on those things where it can happen for you at the stage you are. This happens across the 12 pillars of FairTech’s Client Pipeline Process. Learn more about it here: CPP

For example if you already have a website but it doesn't have all the tools you need to generate leads, that may be the next step within our formula roadmap for you. It may be your messaging or potentially email.

Our Online marketing Mastery formula comes with a blueprint that helps you see where you are now and understand where you need to go next.

Our clients’ success can be easily replicated when you have access to the formula that has already worked for many businesses in many industries. Many people have the above elements in place, but lack of experience means they have to go through a lot of trials and errors. The secret sauce that can help your first funnel take off is in our Passive Income Course.

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