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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultants

Search Engine Consultants

The problem with SEO is that search engine optimization is a vast topic, with so many options available it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start or how to take your SEO to the next level.

Consulting is the solution to getting good ranking in Search engines and other media Experience on many different projects and industries is the key to success.

What works in other industries and is not yet used in your industry will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors

If you or your marketing team does your SEO inhouse, an external Search Engine Consultant who works on many different projects from different industries could become your secret weapon.

When to use Consulting for your SEO?

At any stage of your project a consultant can be handy

  • At the start, to find out where to start if you just begin your online journey.
    Sometimes we don’t see the forest anymore because there are too many trees in front of it.
  • Every time you feel you are not getting the expected result, the consultant will bring a new light in your project that will boost your outcome.
  • If your project runs smoothly, an annual or biannual SEO Audit of your project and a consultancy meeting will make sure you progress to the fastest speed for the time and money you invest. And most importantly that you get the maximum return on investment. Make sure to ask your consultant what he/she would you do more if it would be his/her company. This is when you get the additional trick, the extra step that will give the final touch.

How to choose a good SEO consultant

A good consultant should be a single point of contact, for sure 1 person alone cannot claim to be a specialist of all facets of SEO. The ideal situation is a consultant that is backed up with a team and an SEO LAB that runs tests and keeps track of all search engine algorithm changes and online trends.

The consultant should keep your file so you can contact him any time for advice or a workshop, without that he/she has to start the analysis again from scratch.

Make sure he has experience from different industries so you can benefit from the head start they may have.

Someone trying to do it all alone is the person to avoid.

How to start?

SEO involves building traffic volume to your site.
If you want to make sure your website brings you a never ending growth of new clients coming fully automatically day after day, make sure not to stop there.

Make sure that you are ready to monetise your efforts.

FairTech’s consultancy service makes sure you don’t just grow the number of people that visit your website but also make sure they are the kind of people that will buy your products or services and mentor you and your team to help you turn as many visitors as possible into actual clients.

The 1st consultation is free, no string attached. Worst case scenario you end up with a great idea where to start or what additional action you could do.

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