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SEO consultant what do they do

An SEO Consultant is a person who is highly skilled in the digital marketing industry. A consultant is basically an expert on any topic and it is their job to give advice about that specific topic. Similarly, an SEO consultant does the same.

Simply put, it is the job of the SEO consultant to help put your website show up at the top of the search engine results. A modern SEO specialist needs to be a problem solver as well as a decision maker. He needs to have the ability to prioritize and develop the right content that people are looking for.

SEO techniques cannot be learned within a day. Business owners hire SEO consultants for their businesses. There is a wide demand for SEO services all over the world. Businesses that have a website and an online presence hire an SEO consultant so they can improve their search result listings.

SEO services help to make sure that a website can be accessed easily by a search engine and brings new clients to the table. They also improve the chances of the website being found online. SEO experts have the skill to evaluate where you stand on the web and implement strategies and tips that will promote your website.

How to Become an SEO Consultant?

Just like any other field, becoming an SEO expert requires time, commitment and experience. You cannot become an SEO consultant overnight. SEO has been around for decades and has been evolving ever since. To become an SEO consultant, you need to:

1. Understand the Working of Search Engine

To become an SEO consultant is one of the toughest tasks you can ever come across in your life. However, if you go by the right understanding of the search engine then there is nothing easier than becoming a well-known consultant.
There are three components that you definitely need to know

  • Keep your workings customer-oriented, this means identify what your customers want to see
  • Go through all the policies of the search engine for better understanding
  • The tools and the techniques needed to optimize websites
  • Understand all the different areas of the search engine and master the skill. For instance, the algorithm and its importance

2. Understand the Importance of Keywords

SEO keywords can either be simple words or complex phrases. They are used to inform website content to increase organic search traffic. Keywords are important to Google and to SEO professionals for a number of reasons, but the two main reasons are:

  • They provide clues to who people are and what they want.
  • Keywords provide a “bullseye” through which marketers can reach for their content.

In order to become an SEO consultant, learning and understanding how these keywords work is very important.

3. Master the Link Building Strategies

Link building is one of the essential things you will learn when you enter the SEO world. To benefit from link building, you require quality links. There are many ways to build links. For instance, the consultant will analyze the market and define the most efficient link building strategy in that specific market to place the company he works for to the top. You need to learn the tactics in order to succeed or else you may face some hard times.

4. Begin with Your Small Project

Once you understand the basics of SEO, it is now time to apply them. Professionals will tell you that they learned the most by creating websites. If you are willing to learn, it is best to start with doing SEO for yourself. Start with something small. It could be a blog, a website or an app. Learn HTML, the tags, fiddle with the content and see how it affects the SERPs.

5. Only Staying to Theories is Not Going to be the Way Out

You just cannot master anything without getting onto the practical grounds and doing things yourself. Therefore, as a consultant, you need to try out new things in your work every now and then or else you may not get the desired name/fame in the market.

6. Take Trainings to Be Updated

Once you enter into the field, you will realize that there is so much content about SEO on the internet. There are millions of articles and plethora of information to digest. If you wish to become the best of the best then guess what, trainings are your way out. Remember you can be a great consultant and still need help with things such as the latest techniques for rankings, interaction with various agencies like content planners, social media public relation, branding, web development to name a few. Hence, the solution is simple, take regular trainings and cope up with things.

7. Know When the Market Changes

SEO is not static. The rules and algorithms of SEO keep changing. Google makes more than 250 changes to their ranking algorithms every year. SEO experts and consultants need to be aware of these changes and continuously adapt their strategy accordingly.

8. Be Patient with the Process

There is no way to talk about SEO and not mention the word “patience”. SEO requires time to work. As SEO is the most cost efficient way to increase your revenue it is actually not the quickest way. Keep monitoring your rankings, traffic, and conversions. Give it time before making any more decisions.


SEO is the backbone for digital occurrence today. Businesses (be it a small house factory or a huge company) want to reach to the top of the search engine for better customer engagements and sales. Thus, to do the task, they need SEO consultants. With such high demand in the market, you need to be better than ever before and these ways will surely guide you to the right path. Follow these tips and go ahead with your career with full fling.

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