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Drive Traffic to Your Website Using SEO and Social Media Optimization

Many people make the same mistake. They allocate 100% of their budget to creating their website and then the website sits still. It generates little to no income and gets discarded as a failed project without first trying SEO and social media.

When planning your website you should allocate at least 80% of your budget to SEO and Social Media. Yes, it’s a shocking amount but I bet you’ve heard of the 80:20 rule before. You need to invest in Search Engine Consultancy to learn how to structure your site, get your copy optimised and then add a blog with categories that will help you rank. This cannot be done without a marketing budget, and without these insights, your website will be doomed to the dark outskirts of unvisited websites on the internet.

If you want your site to get visits and generate business in the long term, you need to treat it like a project.

A long-term project, that takes a lot of planning for and execution.
People who do this, reap great rewards in the long term.

Once the site is ready, you need to make sure that you focus on SEO and Social Media to get the right eyeballs to your website and start generating sales.

You will need 3 things to get your SEO and Social Media to generate business from your site:

1. SEO and Social Media set-up

The preparations for SEO should ideally be made before the site is built. If it isn’t your chances may be a little smaller but not all is lost. You can make changes as you go along. With social media, you’re working with other people’s real estate, not your own. So you will be limited as to how many times you can change your page name etc. so try to get focused on your ideal client and get the names right from the start. You also need to make sure all your social media touch-points easily lead back to the right pages on your website.

2. Getting deeper with SEO and Social

The first and most important step after launch is going to be to set-up your local SEO visibility. If you’re a local business that needs local clients, then local SEO should be your first point of call. Start by looking at whether your site comes up in a local search for your products. It can be pretty easy to optimise for local SEO using Google my business and other tools like Social Media. In fact, it’s so simple that this is something you could train your team to do in-house or do it yourself as the business owner. We created a course that will teach you just that…

3. Search Engine Consultants can optimise your website for navigation and your ideal client.

This might require some professional consultancy but some in-house marketing teams can do it pretty well too. It’s important that the menus, messaging and imagery on your site are designed to appeal to your ideal client. We want to make sure that when they do land on your website, they stay there as long as possible. Want to see more and more of your site and also get in touch with you or buy one of your products right away.

Once you get this right, all you need is more and more eyeballs on your site. Want to get to the top pages of your local search results? Start here

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