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Get Your Website on the First Page of Google using SEO Techniques

Nowadays SEO is the most cost effective marketing tool you have at your disposal. It will cost a fraction of what other marketing channels cost and achieve even better results.

SEO is perpetual work. If you stop, your ranking will start dropping, so it’s very important that you keep your SEO efforts regular. No matter what your budget is for the year, make sure you break it down into a monthly spend or prepay for a years’ work at the beginning. It doesn’t matter whether you have 10,000 or 1 million to spend, as long as you break it down into an equal monthly effort, it will begin yielding results.

If you have a certain budget to spend on online marketing for the year, doesn't matter how much 10,000, 100,000 or 1 million. Make sure to dilute the efforts monthly in order to keep it regular.

Better split into 10 X 1000, 10 X 10000 or 10 X 100000 than to spend or deploy all in the beginning of the year.

If you know in advance that you won’t be able to keep the SEO work regular, it is often better to not start at all. You can opt to use other forms of marketing until you are ready for a monthly time or/and financial investment in your SEO efforts.

Sure, you can do your plan in the beginning of the year and just deploy regularly during the year.

A website that gets updated at one go and then is not regularly maintained during the year, will drop lower in ranking than it was before the work started. So if you don't have a plan you are confident you can follow monthly it’s best to shy away from it for the time being.

Search Engine Consultants will guide you to benefit of SEO, because when it’s done well, the additional income generated will automatically finance the efforts and also bring additional benefits. This will become your ultimate money machine. You will want to invest more an more in your SEO efforts once you can see that the more you put in the more return on investment you get. Usually, what you invest you make back to you several times over.

If you can’t keep the regular, you may want to opt for the alternative of using Google ads or Facebook ads for the short term. However, the cost of ads can climb really fast, for this reason, it is best to use them for short term and for special occasions like Christmas sales.

The big disadvantage of ads is that, once optimized, you always get the same outcome from the same investment.

The biggest difference with regards to search engine optimisation is that your revenue will keep growing month after month.

Search Engine Consultants advise how to start your SEO project in the correct manner

  1. Group your content in categories and logical sub-categories to help Google and people understand your website content better.
  2. Do your keyword research - do not guess your keywords. Make sure you’re optimising your website for keywords that have traffic.
  3. Add a lot of value by creating many pages with added value content for each category.
  4. Make sure your pages are about a specific topic, don’t mix several topics on the same page.
  5. Avoid double content, make sure you’re not copying and pasting content from your own or other websites.
  6. Optimise the Meta tags and Title tags on each page of your website.
  7. Link your pages to each other. Internal linking will help Google find your pages and understand your topic relevance more clearly. Do not overdo it. Keep you readers in mind and Google will be happy too.
  8. Update your website with regular content and maintain the existing one.
  9. Create backlinks to your website. Get published on industry sites that have a high ranking. Be listed in the serious local directories, directories from your industry and big directories.
  10. Make sure your website is bug-free, has no redirects and broken links.
  11. Monitor your performance in terms of traffic, conversions and sales.
  12. React and finetune based on your monitored results.

If you are in the process of making your website SEO friendly, find useful advice about "How to make your website SEO ready" on our free blueprint download.

If you follow these tips and make sure you can provide some data and structure when you’re ready to work with an SEO professional, you will be better set-up to increase your traffic exponentially really fast. If you’re still starting on your path we recommend starting with a free consultation where we discuss your options and help you put a budget together

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