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Patrik Muehlematter

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Improve Website's Organic Rank using SEO Competitor Analysis

Any business can benefit from keeping an eye out for the competition, however, it is even more important when it comes to SEO. Companies that are successful at overtaking the competition in search results do 3 things before they start their SEO efforts:

Keyword Competition SEO Analysis and Audit

They know that their competition is not just made up of similar companies. They understand that their competitors are not just companies or brands who have the same suppliers or sell to people from a similar demographic. There are also those competitors who are those optimising and competing for the same keywords.

This means that it helps to do two things:

  • Observe and investigate companies and websites that rank higher than you for your best keywords
  • Identify the gap between where you are and where you need to be to outperform your competition. Create a plan of execution that will place you two years ahead and assure that you keep this advantage

Use the best analytic tools for your website audit

In order to analyse the competition, you need to have the best tools on the market. There are many tools out there for the various SEO jobs, but when it comes to competitor analysis, only the best will give you a good result.

The analysis is only the first step, it will become the basis on which a strategy is built so it's important that it is done diligently. If not it could result in false data and a strategy that may not work for you.

They hire a pro

It may look like we carry a bias for this one, but we don’t. SEO is a race for the first four positions in Google. You have to be the best, or work with the best if you want to stay in the race. When it comes to competition analysis, like any other form of reporting, the team carrying it out needs to have an array of expertise. Competition analysis can cover many aspects like what ads they are running, what keywords they’re optimising for, what their social strategy is, how their tech is built. Every one of these requires a different specialist.

This is why we recommend working with a team of professionals in order to achieve a strong competitor analysis on which you can base your future SEO strategy.

Would you like to take the next step so you can understand what the competition is doing to generate business online?

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