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Patrik Muehlematter

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Evaluate the Progress of Online Marketing with Website Audit

Website audits were created to help you understand and evaluate the progress of your online marketing and also the validity of your website within it. Website audits can help you uncover many things. The most important of which is probably whether your website is working efficiently to create new business for your company.

If you cannot clearly pinpoint whether your website is generating money for your business, then you probably need a website audit right away. Here are 3 insights a SEO audit will give you into your business right away:

1. Whether your technology is rigging your chances of ranking in search engines
Most business owners get a web audit to understand why their website has no traffic.
Often the answer is a problem with your technology or your content. It could be anything from the wrong web addresses, too much content around the same topics or even simply disorganised content and pages that are confusing search engines.

2. Whether you’re using the right keywords
A SEO audit can tell you whether you're optimising for keywords that actually have traffic. It’s a common mistake that people find it hard to choose the right keywords without the help of a professional SEO to research their keywords.

3. Whether it has all the tools you need to generate business
Even though a website may look great and contain great content sometimes the problem is that you do not have the tools to take visitors to clients. You haven't built your website on the customer journey. Although you may be attracting the right audience you’ve not provided them with an easy way to buy from you or follow them up as sales leads.

All 3 are easily resolved.

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