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SEO Stats and Site Analysis

Curated 10+ SEO stats will statistically manage your website’s Google ability. Rank#1 on Google by running a subtle SEO Site Audit. You’re just next to rule search engine result pages (SERPs).

Your website’s optimization eventually defines your worth on Google. The state of the art ranking requires extensive knowledge about SEO statistics, implementing them, and carrying out a quality-assurance test in terms of ‘Site Analysis Audit.’ It’s not always easy to rank well on google, for it uses about 200 factors in their algorithm to decide the stake on.

Top SEO statistics

We all know that Google owns a total of up to 70% market share. So it knows how to scrutinize the websites for ranking. About 68% of online visits start with a search engine. SEO is known to drive more accurate traffic, which is organic at the same time as traffic coming from social media.

Ranking statistics

These statistics are much different and will spellbind you at once. About 90.63% of pages never drive their organic traffic from Google, and just 5.7% of runners will be able to rank about top-10 in their first year of publication.

Once your ranking starts to improve, you want to make sure you keep your positions; your competitors will fight back, going down the position can significantly impact your sales; you want to detect that immediately and react. Set your aims and objectives to achieve a sustained rankability with time. It’s necessary to find out your ranking order in the initial stages to act accordingly - acing each step among the top-ranked websites.

Keyword Statistics

Keyword research is the basis of mainstream SEO campaigns. Use Google Trends or Mzo to find the appropriate keywords for your site. These keyword searching tools let you have an insight into which keywords are likely to increase your ranking on the platforms like GOOGLE.

Backlink statistics

Backlinks are always known to drive organic traffic. A reliable backlink will au, automatically upgrade you without doing much. According to Google, Backlink statistics rank very third within the ranking capacity.

SEO industry statistics

This statistics is vital, covering all SEO aspects of your site on a professional basis. Filtering out what’s crucial vs. what’s not at a professional level will elevate your ranking capacity within the regimen.

Search Engine statistics

Approx 3.5 billion searches are made on Google each day. Search Engine statistics are thoroughly studied by SEO professionals to understand where the search engines are and where are they going?

Local SEO statistics

The location has a strong influence on 30% of all search queries made. Make sure that when someone searches for your activities and the city of your location you are listed in the top results.

Video SEO statistics

Video statistik implementation is very important. According to HubSpot, videos are the #1 success-driven media that overtook blogs and infographics.

Mobile SEO statistics

Smartphones have incredibly uplifted the number of mobile searches. Googles’ shifting to mobile-first indexing has remarkably given sound importance to Mobile SEO statistics. Almost 80% of searches are calculated from these particular stats.

Voice search statistics

Google voice searches work quite accurately nowadays. Typically a 29 words voice length generates an accurate search result.

5 essential SEO Audit steps

  • Check for Big issues

If you’re yet missing proper redirections, get done with it just today.
Choice between HTTPS and HTTP domain versions:
I recommend you to go with HTTPS instead of HTTP alone, as it is known to create a more secure connection than the latter. Search engines favourize HTTPS websites.Next, start crawling your website to discover some crucial info regarding the existing SEO setup. Followed with this, check for the Google indexing issues, if any, and lastly, search your brand name to know about its ranking.

  • Fix on-site problems

On-Page SEO has to be managed well with appropriate headings, meta tags, and meta descriptions.
You, too, need to incorporate relevant keywords 1-2% for better ranking.
Inbound and Outbound issues are next to cater to.
After also check for plagiarized content.

  • Analyze organic traffic

Your landing pages and their searches are essential to prove the health of your website in direct proportionality. Look for the organic rankings achieved and its direction following the right organic keyword.

  • Backlink analysis

A strong backlink profile will indeed dive you in on the top-ranked pages. Always opt for branded or generic backlinks to build the trust which is most needed. Above all, a greater understanding of your competitor’s website will eventually give a better insight in this regard. This paves the way for you to drive a strategy to overcome the vacuum which keeps you off from ranking well.

  • Content Audit

Here’s the final auditing step. Figure out broken links on your site and try fixing it by replacing the content or redirecting the link to the relevant page. Look for content gaps that denote the keywords your competitor ranks while you lack.

Get through the above steps well and analyze the website on your own. Before ending this up, let me counsel you a bit more. The right navigation stream will turn out to be your success story. How about converting your visitors as your leads just by catering to a few navigational steps? Your website’s navigation includes web architecture, optimized homepage, appropriate UX design, optimal website performance, and CTAs.

And here our story ends to let you start yours. Audit your website just today to improve your ranking and to further cater to your audience’s engagement. We are always here with solutions while helping you to scan your site for minor and major technical issues. We hope that the above parameters are of great help. Good luck!

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