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Patrik Muehlematter

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Statistics reporting which website metrics matter for business

Let’s cut to the chase.

The only metric that really matters is in your bank account balance.
There is no better proof that you’re doing things right - or wrong!

But tracking things back to how that money is reaching your bank account will help you trace where/who it’s coming from, and why they’re picking you. A SEO Audit will put you in a position to repeat and scale your success.

So what metric points should you be looking at on your website and in your business to understand what is creating your success (be it small or large)? Perform an Audit and Analysis.

1. Analyze your overall website traffic

Your overall traffic and how it fluctuates will often be reflected in your bottom line. So keeping a good eye on your traffic and working on growing it is important.

2. How much of that traffic is engaging with you?

Looking at what percentage of traffic stays on your site and engages with your content and pages is also very important. This gives you a clear picture to understand whether you’re attracting the right people. The traffic numbers compared to the number of people who stay on your site instead of bouncing right off will give you an idea of how well you’re choosing your keywords and your topics for your content.

3. Audit how many people are getting on your list?

It’s important to put downloadable documents behind a name/email request in order to measure engagement and grow an email list of people who want to hear from you (but perhaps not actually buy from you yet). A percentage of these people will eventually become clients so the more you collect the better it is for your business.

4. How many sales are you making?

Finally, the last metric is how many sales are you making and which products/services are more profitable and take a longer/shorter time to sell. Understand this and you’re well-positioned for success. Get ready to scale.

Once you know all the data above you need to work out which lead source is turning in your fastest converting most profitable product. Focus on scaling this and your company will multiply its impact faster than you ever imagined.

If you haven’t started on the journey described above fear not. We can help you begin by growing your traffic. Later, we will help you by understanding your business, guiding your content and adding your conversion points. Contact us to learn more if scaling is in your future plans.

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