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Social Media Trends to Grow Your Business

Social Media Trends are as changeable as the weather. However, if you want to position your brand and become better known, it is a very important marketing tool. It also helps your business stay on track by aiding lead generation as part of an overall online marketing strategy. In order to use social media effectively, you need to stay abreast of new developments and you should SEO for Social Media.

Here are 3 current social media trends you can use to drive business growth in the short term:

1. Facebook Bots

Facebook bots are the new email list. It’s important that you grow your email list of leads in order to grow your business, but lists come in many forms today.

There are new tools such as Manychat or Chatfuel, that enable you to send broadcasts to all the people you interact with on Facebook messenger. This means that you can send email-like notifications to your audience using messenger tools.

This is huge in terms of conversion rates because FB messenger is mostly a mobile app - and most people have notifications enabled on their smartphones, meaning you get direct contact with your followers in real-time. In certain ways, this is better than email because it happens in real-time. So if you’re trying to get someone to use a discount before it expires or make use of a limited offer then you can have very good feedback.

What’s more, messenger boasts an enviable open rate of 84%.
(source: https://chatbotslife.com/messenger-chatbots-the-stats-dont-lie-f8cd640152f1)

2. SEO for Online Video

Online Video has been a trend for many years, but it has today become a medium you cannot do without if you want to build an online audience. 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than images or other mediums.
(source: https://www.renderforest.com/blog/video-marketing-statistics)

Online video has increased in importance due to the fact that many people access the internet through phones and tablets, meaning they find it hard to scroll and read. Therefore the play button is the fastest way to understand the information that is being conveyed by any website. Video is extremely important in all its forms. Whether it’s a video sales page or a blog as well as an introductory one on your website. What matters is that you put your video on Youtube and then embed it on your website. This helps people find it in two places.

3. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been in the news lately because influencers need to be more transparent about being paid to promote products. This shows how the industry is shifting and how powerful so-called influencers are.

Micro-influencers (or people who have a modest but niche following) are the best ones to work with. These people have very defined audiences and command loyalty. Though you may be reaching just a few thousand at a time, the conversion rates tend to make it worthwhile.

Micro-influencers also charge far less than large influencers and would normally mean a smaller risk for your business. You will need to try a few before you find a handful whose audience loves what you do.

More than location or background, choose an influencer that correlates with your values as a company. These make the strongest partnerships and audiences tend to respond to a business that has similar values. You will have to kiss a few frogs though before you find your money-generating prince.

Whilst working on your social media in the short term, it is advisable to also work on the long term SEO which will help you reduce your advertising spend in the long run.

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