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Increase Website Traffic with Content Marketing Strategy

SEO-ed content marketing is key to strengthening your Search Engine results and gaining more visibility on the internet at large.

Content and SEO go hand-in-hand, there is no question about that

But there are ways in which you can leverage your content far better than simply publishing articles on your website. That said this should come with a little disclaimer, you need content on your website to keep the Google bots (and other search engines) visiting and indexing new content, but you can also use this content to generate what we call social signals.

If you write a few articles a month for Google signals, you can repurpose that content into social media content that is specifically designed for engagement.

The first step is to identify the best place for you to be on social media. Think of your best clients and understand which platforms they are spending the most time on. Make that your main focus and automate everything else. You can push your social posts using scheduling software.

BUT you need to make sure you’re there on the one platform that matters most and that you SEO for Social Media.
Being present and engaging is important but remember that how you create your content is key. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make sure your social content has SEO value:

Remember that in order for your social campaigns to have SEO value you need to:

1. SEO-ed optimized content marketing linkbacks in social Media

Link back to your website with relevant keywords and from relevant topics. On social it’s perfectly normal to go into story-telling and be more creative however keep it relevant to the pages you link to. Make sure it has a huge added value to your readers. And don’t just share a link blank add a bit more info to add relevance to your links. Every link helps google understand a little more of what you do.

2. SEO for Social accounts

Make sure that your social media main accounts also link back to your website with relevant information about what people can expect. This helps Google connect your social media presence to your website

3. Focus on engagement

The number of likes, shares and comments on your social media posts make a difference. It’s one of the ways Google uses to give you a social score.

It’s very natural for search engines to turn to social media to better understand what you do. To check if you’re a bona fide company or business. If you’re not marketing on social media at all, that would make you less relevant in today’s world. So make sure that you have some presence, to begin with, and focus on building a following and engagement as you go along.

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