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How important are social shares to the SEO ranking?

SEO and social media go hand-in-hand, so there is no adequate reason you get relevant results when you consider both of them in your working strategy. When leveraging them efficiently, social signals are then characterized into the ranking algorithms that also greatly help boost search engines' ranking. Social media also give a boost to your SEO strategy as per your needs, so you need to know how social media can impact your SEO ranking –

Local check-ins

Why they matter – Local check-ins are the factors in the algorithms, same as the validation signal for your geographical locations. However, when Google figures out the users' check-ins to your locations, it means they are checking for the legitimate and accurate locations as per the requirements. The social media platforms provide check-ins, and if you are a local business, then check-ins are the efficient ways to help boost local SEO.

How you can benefit – When your business has a physical address, it will help if you leverage the social check-ins by first creating the Facebook business pages or any other account. If you already have a Facebook business account, you can enable check-ins by adding your business address and checking the boxes that show the map on your page while enabling check-ins. You can promote the check-ins with social media posts and incentives, including discounts and special offers to grab the users' attention.

Facebook shares, Twitter Tweets, and Google My Business

Why they matter – Shares, Tweets, are all signals that indicate your content's quality, so when sharing your content and web pages, especially the group admins, it means you are considering the quality that influences maximum people. Currently, Google My Business are subjected heavily, but all on-page shares and interactions can build your authority online that you should not overlook.

How can you benefit – When you have a blog or news site, you can add a sharing option with each article that can also help you promote sharing and build your content’s authority. You can also do the same for your website by adding the sharing button to your home page or the internal pages where the users can easily see or use them.

Facebook Fans, Twitter followers, and Google My Business

Why they matter - Fans and followers signify your brands' influence over the various social networks while also acting as an authority signal; however, the brands with significant followers can appear to be authoritative and influential. A significant social following that is coupled with the interactions such as shares, likes, and tweets can provide efficient help to create a boost in your search rankings.

How can you benefit - When you have quality content and engagement, it is a great way to elicit new followers, and when you provide them valuable information through informational and relevant content, you increase your chances of getting more followers. Some of the networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, provide advertising that can extend your brand's reach while helping you to increase your social following. When growing your social followers, the bottom line allows you to focus on obtaining quality fans naturally.


Why they matter - Review plays an essential role for local SEO, especially when they are from the trusted and authoritative individual. Further, the reviews from a review site such as Yelp and Google places help you build and maintain your credibility online, and it is not only for the search engines but also for the users.

You can benefit - First, you need to create accounts with Yelp, Google Places, or any other site related to your business. You need to ask your customers for the review while including the Yelp or Google Places badge on your website to help you promote your reviews vastly.

Finally, it would help if you do posting regularly as content moves fast on social media, so regular posting is necessary to keep your brand in your audiences' minds. The essential thing is to provide posts with huge added value as if your posts are useful for the users; they will prefer to share. When you have a good social presence, it can help boost your local search rankings and your rankings overall. Social media is all about engaging with people, and social channels provide you with an opportunity to gain a lot of audiences along with a higher ranking. The more you do this, the more likely you will be ranked higher as people and search engines will like your content or website more than your competitors. While using social media marketing as the right strategy, you will rank higher on Google and increase your sales and develop your business depending on the customer's needs and demands.

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