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Latest Google Algorithm Updates Affect Your SEO Practices

Ranking higher on search engines like Google is becoming pivotal more than ever. It is hard to make your brand stand apart from the rest and build a significant online presence. Google is focusing more on providing users with relevant searches. Therefore, for the business owners, it is essential to be always updated with the new algorithm updates by Google and how it will be impacting your SEO practices.
As the needs of users are changing, Google is updating its algorithms to furnish every consumer requirement. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your online business so that your rank does not fall far from users' reach. Here we will discuss this new algorithm update by Google and how you can help your business.

What Is The New Algorithm Update By Google?

The last pandemic has directly affected the online presence of users. Over this period of the lockdown, the rate of users have grown considerably, and therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to bring their brand forward.

Google is also always working towards meeting the user requirement, and it has recently made changes to its algorithm. As a business owner, you need to know this? This new algorithm has done alterations in the techniques which were used by the company to produce results. The internal change in Google's functioning means that the old SEO practices also need to be changed to drive the traffic.

'RankBrain' is one of the best Google algorithms focused on catering consumers with accurate search results. In a nutshell, one can say that it is a machine learning that Google is using for its search. RankBrain works towards relating relevant keywords/phrases searched by users in order to provide better results.

The quality and relevance to the search query will be given more importance. Therefore, there is no doubt left about ranking higher on search engines, has now become significantly important. Undoubtedly, appearing higher on Google is a determining factor if you want traffic on your page.

What SEO Practices You Need To Adapt For Ranking Higher?

Voice Search

One of the technologies that have nestled perfectly into the lives of users is 'Voice Search.' The voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and more are some of the next best SEO practices you need to focus on. These are going to determine the search engine ranking of your website. For instance, the user is searching with their voice, and your site lacks this technique, then you will not be there in the results.
Google will give more preference to the results which are optimized for voice search. You can use natural phrasing for optimizing voice search.

Using Snippets

Another efficient way to rank higher on search engines even after algorithm changes is by using rich snippets. Yes, these can help your online business to boost conversion rates, beating the rest businesses. Moreover, snippets are fantastic techniques to add a bit more information plus value to your pages.

Adding Emotions In Ads

Gone are the days when people used to click on generic ads. If you want to beat RankBrain, then you need to work smartly. Therefore, the trick you can use here is by adding emotions to your usual ads. Leveraging emotional triggers is one of the efficient ways to increase customer traffic rates.

Quality Content

One SEO practice that will never disappoint you is creating quality content. If you want to know the algorithms better, then you need to focus on better content. It is hard to beat the websites which have relevant and high-quality content. Long guest posts, blogs full of information, and accurate articles are the best ways to get started with this SEO strategy.

SEO Blunders to Avoid

Till now, you must have realized how accurately you need to work if you want to rank higher on search engines. Therefore, here are some of the red flags for SEO practices that you should determine.

Disappointing User Experience

Ranking higher on search engines will remain your dream if your website is not user-friendly. The users usually abandon sites that are slow, unorganized, and hard to navigate. There are countless of options for the users. Therefore you should give some reasons for them to stay on your page. Within seconds you could be replaced by your competitor.


Content is King! This wise old saying is forever, and it is not a smart idea to create bad content. If your site's content is not useful for the users, your search engine ranking will fall.


Google algorithms are getting smarter day-by-day, and that is why your SEO practices should also be altered accordingly. The search engine ranking can directly impact your revenues, so you should be careful about it. So pick up your team and start focusing on new SEO strategies to match this latest Google algorithm update.

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