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SEO for Dummies - Book Review

SEO for Dummies is a great resource for business owners looking to improve their search engine visibility, to get more leads and grow their business.

This book will take you through the journey of optimizing your website. The book is simple enough to follow and will help you understand the difference between black hat and white hat SEO. The former is a risk for businesses because it tries to fool the algorithms. When Google finds out (and they will - because they’re pretty smart) they will reset your website to zero and you will have a hard time building back up. If you can manage at all.

So points definitely go to this book for helping us understand the difference. It will also teach you the basics that help Google index your pages. This is important because it is the first step in your journey. Many websites experience problems with Google refusing to index some of their pages.

If what you’re looking for is how to rank for local search, this book will also give you some good pointers for that. Although not a resource for SEO professionals, it can be useful if you’re starting out and want to make sure you get all the basics right when building your website.

The book also explains how social media sharing and video content can help you enhance your website’s ranking, before finally diving into the technology used for tracking and improving your search visibility.

This book is for you if you are about to begin building your website and want to start on the right footing. It describes how you can plan ahead and put everything in the right order. It will not be easy to follow if you already have a website and need to make sure it’s SEO-friendly.

It is however recommended if you’re looking to familiarize yourself with SEO practices so that you can understand the basics in order to have a fruitful conversation with your SEO company. You may also want to begin understanding the strategy your SEO outsourced agency is providing and this book will help you better follow your agency’s work and complement it with in-house work.

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