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What is SEO and How Does SEO Work?

You know that being listed in the first position in Google is important for our business, but do you truly understand what search engine optimization is?

Search engine optimization is not a static process. Find out what it is and why you should keep an eye on News and Trends in the field and know the SEO Basics.

What Search Engine Optimisation is NOT

Search Engine Optimisation is not a list of tips and tricks to fool search engines like Google into listing your website in the top positions of their front page. We work together with Google in order to provide a better experience online for all our users.

Search Engines are now very smart. AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming more sophisticated each day, so if you are planning to be featured in the top ranks of Google, you need to understand that your content should not ‘fool’ anyone. It needs to be relevant to your audience and also readable by search engines so that it can be listed for the topics that benefit both search engines and your audience.

So what is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

It’s the efforts you make to organize your website well as well as your partner’s website contributions so that Google understands clearly what your website is all about, what your services are, your products and your message.

SEO Basics: How does it work

Your website pages that contain your message, products or services must be well organized and mention specifically what it is about. These pages must be organized in logical categories about the same topic.

The structure of all pages and categories must be well organized so search engines like Google, Bing etc can classify them easily.

This should be the foundation of your online project, once it is done you can build something strong and big on this foundation.

Search engines are computers, they still need the human eyes, interpretation and judgment to confirm classification.

The best objective way to get such information for a search engine is to look at comments and classification of other websites with a link towards your website mentioning that your website is about this topic.

This is the main technique search engines use to gather information about the relevance of your website. There are of course many other techniques apart from the art of organizing your website’s structure, however the other techniques are much more complex and would go far beyond the scope of a simple introductory article about what SEO is.

That said, it is not difficult to understand that SEO has to be laced at the heart of your online strategy in order to achieve maximum visibility and get found.
Even if it doesn’t seem logical, SEO has to be integrated from the very beginning, your website structure, content relation with partners and social media campaigns must be SEO driven for maximum success.

If you add SEO at the end you will have to redo many areas of your strategy and work, to realign and this will not only be frustrating but also very costly.

To ask a free consultation to understand your options and help to put a budget together would be a wise way to start.

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