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SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

In this day and age, ignoring SEO as part of any business’ marketing efforts is a growth-critical mistake. Many businesses already use SEO as a daily marketing tactic.The ones that don’t, find it very hard to keep up.

The ones that do work on SEO in-house, can make some damaging mistakes that can be worse than not using SEO at all. Here are the SEO mistakes businesses make in 2019.

SEO mistake 1. Treating SEO as a one-off task when they launch a site

Probably the biggest SEO mistake businesses make is treating SEO like a one-off job. SEO is not something you do to your site before it launches and then stop. You will see little or no results if you take this approach. The signals to search engines need to be constant, consistent and correct for you to rank. If you take out the long-term aspect and don’t keep up with the news and trends in SEO your efforts will be totally wasted.

SEO mistake 2. Ignoring Off Page SEO

Another typical mistake is ignoring Off page SEO. Google gives this importance. They are listening to what other sites say about you and what links your website has to other sites. Also, listings and other offsite places like social media where your site is mentioned and linked to should be tackled with care as well. Offsite SEO is nowadays more complex. So if you ever consider hiring an SEO professional agency, this is precisely the main reason why you should.

SEO mistake 3. Buying Backlinks

One of the biggest ‘faux pas’ is an often overlooked problem that could be keeping you out of the first pages in Google… Buying backlinks. Getting the wrong links to your site can do more damage than not having enough. People who approach you to sell links to their website are likely not legit and will do the same with thousands of others. So stay clear of buying backlinks.

SEO mistake 4. Not keeping up

Most businesses will start off their SEO efforts with great energy and get very interested in the intricacies of SEO. However, SEO is a long-term game and if you don’t keep yourself in touch with new developments, you’re going to make mistakes that hurt your strategy. It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re going to do it in-house, you need to allocate time to training and make sure you stay up-to-date with algorithm updates and how they affect your strategy and website.

SEO mistake 5. SEO-ing only the website content

Don’t take this wrong, SEO-ing your content is a good place to start, but alone it probably won’t work.

SEO-ing your content and your website pages is a must. Many already know this and work hard to source the right writers and optimize their text in the best possible way. However, they ignore critical on-site structural requirements that could be rigging their website ranking.

Many in-house SEO executives do not have experience working on hundreds of websites and therefore do not have the insights necessary to understand the best structure for their content. This lack of insight is often a blind spot that rigs their success. In spite of meticulously SEO-ed content, their website still won’t generate business.

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