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SEO Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Keeping up with the latest SEO trends can take your website to the next level of digital recognition. It will improve your chances in situations of new algorithms introduced by Google and will even help you stay ahead of your competition.

Search Engine Optimization is all about planning ahead to get recognized on Internet giants like Google. It is a process that affects a website’s visibility on the web, however, it is constantly evolving and changing. Latest and more advanced techniques are introduced almost every day, which makes SEO unpredictable. 

In 2017, Search Engine Optimization got challenging as new strategies enrolled and prioritized on areas like mobile search results. Many websites couldn’t keep up with the pace and were eventually flagged by Google or lost their search positions. This is why it is vital to track, recognize, and apply upcoming trends of SEO 2018 to stay ahead of any surprises that the Internet may come up with!

The experts have predicted these most significant SEO trends of 2018 that will continue throughout the year.

1. Mobile Optimization

Without a doubt, mobile is the future of digital marketing and this trend is set to become stronger in the year of 2018. Rumors are that Google is set to roll out new algorithms with mobile-first indexing as the key factor. As the majority of searches are done on smartphones, it is only likely that this trend is here to stay for the long run. 

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can improve mobile user experience. It is a framework that can make web pages on mobile load faster, which can have a great impact on site’s visibility online. 

2. Higher & Longer Contents

Content has always ruled the realm of SEO since the beginning and it will continue to be prominent in the coming year. Initially, quality was preferred over quantity, but in 2018, both are going to go hand-in-hand. Keyword stuffing is a big no-no and will get your website flagged easily. Focus mainly on providing valuable information, adding keywords, longer contents, and linking with credible sources. 

Neil Patel, a digital marketing tycoon suggests that the appropriate length of a blog post should be minimum 3000 words. 

3. Focus On Voice Search

Artificial intelligence is on the rise in our world. Only recently, a robot was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. This motives tech moguls like Google to better their voice searches. The release of Google Home is an indication that they are going to go full force to leverage voice search results in 2018. They are changing coming with location-based content, personalized information, and even keyword researches, based on what is spoken by the user.

To stay ahead of voice search SEO changes, you can start by selecting keywords that are more inclined towards what people may say for optimized voice search.

4. Building Quality Backlinks

This might sound like an old SEO trend, but it is only getting stronger in the coming years. Quality backlinks add value and credibility to your website and mark it trustworthy for Google. Ensure that not only quality backlinks are done, but they are also placed in the right directory. Professional backlink building will play a key role in the year of 2018. 

You can create backlinks by doing directory submissions and guest blog postings. 

5. Social Media & Brand Visualization

In 2018, there will be a steep increase in the number of websites on the Internet. Certain measures should be taken to ensure that your site does not lose user’s interests and brand visibility. The impact of social media on SEO ranking is set out to increase. It will also get you on the top rated positions of SERPs and will open up opportunities. You can build a strong and interesting brand image by adding more visual appeal on your social media pages as well as website. 

According to a research, people tend to show more interests in brands who are active on social media and have interactive elements on their websites. 

These SEO trends of 2018 are set to dominate the digital world in the coming year. Keep up your rankings and beat the competition by adapting to these strategies with utmost effectiveness. Make changes, stay ahead!

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