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Everything your website needs for lead generation

Every business’ marketing plan, in reality, aims to achieve one thing… leads. Marketing provides leads and the sales team turn them into clients. It's a relationship that goes back over a century and still persists.

However, due to social media, businesses sometimes find it hard to. Remember this. We get distracted with ‘vanity metrics’ such as the number of likes and followers and forget to work on what really matters. The number of leads.

Your online marketing success should only be measured by one metric - that’s the number of leads coming into your business every week.
However, in order to generate leads with your online marketing you need to have a few things in place:

1. An email harvesting tool

In order to bring leads into the business, you need to have a form to capture their contact details. You also need to make sure they have a good reason to give you their email address, telephone number and anything else you might want.

A good reason might be a free white paper, a checklist to help them do something or maybe even a free consultation with you. Whatever this is, you need to make sure it matches your product or service and attracts the right prospects.

2. A blog

Your website needs a blog because it becomes the core of your online content. A blog gives Google and people a good reason to visit your site often. That’s exactly what you want.

It also helps you develop a relationship with people who are not yet ready to buy. This means that you will generate more leads because people will return to read your content and learn about your industry and your company. This also makes them more likely to buy from you as opposed to a competitor.

3. A chat button

In order to catch all possible prospects, it’s important that you focus on being there when your prospects want to talk. If a website visitor wants to ask you a question you need to make sure you can respond fast. You can find many apps today that can be installed on your website and be connected to an agent through a smartphone app. This means that no matter where you are, you can answer prospects immediately.

Adding all 3 tools to your site will make sure that you have the means to attract, retain and catch traffic that comes to your website. But to get leads you first need traffic.

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