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SEO campaign no need to make changes to your website

Many think that SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation is a series of technical changes you make to your website. It’s not completely wrong, however most people that become very successful at ranking their website start by working outside their website with local SEO.

It’s natural for a company to begin building a client base locally and then move internationally. Likewise, SEO can start local with some off-site optimisation before it expands into more complicated territories:

Here are 3 Top Tips from SEOs that you can use without changing your website:

1. Your Local SEO Campaign is location-based

Be consistent!
A lot of business owners forget to be consistent. In order to rank for local search it’s important to be simply consistent. When creating your Google, Bing or Superpages account, and other renomated directories, make sure that you use the same Name, Address, URL and Phone number. Write and spell them in the same way on all the different directories. Though the forms may be different and the address still makes sense, it’s important to stay as consistent as possible. This will help search engines trust you more.

2. Create a strategy to get positive reviews

Reviews are the most effective off-site tactic you can use in your marketing. As a business in the public eye, this is very important. Positive public reviews inspire people to contact you. And search engines look at your reviews too.

It’s estimated that 92% of consumers read online reviews and 68% state that positive reviews influence their feelings of trust in a business.

Reviews are the most effective factor in picking a business to buy from. The more reviews you can muster the better. Make this part of your marketing goals.

3. Stay active on social media

Social media signals help you rank in search engines. Facebook pages, Pinterest accounts, LinkedIn accounts and many social media pages rank very well in search results. Make sure that you add your business name and details to your personal profiles.

Posts and Profiles can rank in search engines and if you make sure you have your links in order, this can be a window into your website where visitors can turn into leads and clients. Being active on social media also tells search engines that you’re relevant. That people want to engage with you.

Don’t overdo it, it’s better to be present in 2 well maintained social media platforms than in 5 different ones and you don’t reply or maintain fast enough because it is more than you can handle. Search engines and potential clients judge the way you reply and maintain your social media company pages.

How long will it take to see results?

Local search engines aim to get specific results in local search over a very specific geographical area. It can work a lot faster than trying to rank internationally and the learning curve is also easier to handle. Ranking can take between a few weeks to a few months, learning can take a few hours to a few days - depends whether you’re one to binge-watch our

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