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Rank Organically in Google

It seems like every business wants to rank in Google organically. We look at our competitors in envy when we see them rank on the first page of Google for our industry keywords. We want to rank on the first page too - it has become a vanity metric.

Most business owners will easily tell you that they know they need to rank their business sites on the first page of Google to grow their business. But not many know why they need to do this. Not many can vocalise how this is going to help their business make more money.

Here are some reasons why you need to rank in Google organically to grow your business:

SEO Strategy for more website traffic

You need to get your business page to rank on the first page on Google so that you can get more traffic to your website without paying for advertising everytime you want your audience to see something.

We all know that more eyeballs on our website and on our products or services will translate into more business. SEO-ing your website, will allow you to get more clients without paying more for advertising. Other forms of advertising usually require that you pay more to reach more people but SEO works in a different way. The results of SEO accumulate over time; results grow month on month, your traffic grows month on month, as will your leads and your prospects.

However it's important to keep in mind that the quality of your traffic makes a big difference. If you attract the right traffic you will make more sales, if you don't attract the right people you can see your statistics get really good on your website but your income will not increase.

Attracting the wrong traffic to your website will make it impossible to sell your services or products. On the other hand with a solid keyword research strategy and a website that is optimised for the right audience you will increase your sales and grow your business.

Attracting the right traffic and growing it every month is a great first step, but not enough by itself to grow your business, you will also need various ways of converting your traffic into leads, prospects and clients.

Strategy to turn traffic into clients

A key consideration in order to create a process that turns traffic into clients successfully, is the points of capture on your website. Creating the right content and creating places on your website to encourage your visitors to enter their details, or request more information will help you provide your traffic with opportunities to engage.

Planning content that specifically appeals to the kinds of people you want to work with, will help you test whether the keywords that are attracting these people to your website are in fact the right ones to boost your business.

Your business will grow if you attract the right audience, because you will see people engaging with your content, requesting to learn more information and engaging further to become leads which your sales team can turn into clients.

Ranking in Google organically for the right keywords will be the best investment you make into growing your business. Because SEO grows traffic month on month without needing an increase in spend. It allows you to retain a lot of your profits for further investment into company growth. Using an alternative strategy like online PPC or magazine advertising would require spending more and more to get a higher volume of leads every month.

SEO will save you time and money, especially when used alongside inexpensive forms of advertising like social media, it provides a robust basis for growth that you can depend on in the long-term.

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