Kickstart your Business online In 2 Days


This training, tutorials and templates bundle will help your business to get kickstarted online. So you can start to get customers coming to you instead of searching for them in just a few days

Nowadays a business will struggle or disappear if it’s not visible online.
This bundle is ideal for businesses that have a website and maybe some social media presence and get no or little customers out of it.

This formula will help your business get kickstarted online. So you can start to get customers coming to you instead of searching for them in just a few days.

In 20+ years in business at FairTech, these are the secret first few steps we use to help our new customers to get their 1st customers online fast.

Even for companies with a good online presence we still go through this process and fill the gaps of what has not been done already or improve them to be like explained in this boudle.

This is the place to start any project to get more customers online, even for multinationals, it is the foundation of an outstanding online presence.

What you get in this bundle:

  • Full Local SEO Secrets revealed resource (value 350$)
    Start to get customers straight away!
    Don’t get fooled with the name (local), for international presence also, this is the place to start. This is what will place you on the map of the digital world. Over a weekend get your business registered and listed in Google and renowned directories.
  • Video that sells (value 250 USD)
    How to create a video with your mobile phone in literally a few minutes that will sell your services and products whilst you are asleep!
  • How to create passive income for your business
    Find out how you can create a passive income product for your business (any business)
  • Webinar Crash Course (value USD 94)
    Tips and tricks on how to show your product or services to many people at the same time and generate sales without having to get out of your office!

Total value: 694$
You pay only 387$
You save 307$

The 4 big benefits:

The Full Local SEO secrets revealed is the shortcut to be accepted, listed and found in Google.

  • This way people in your region and all over the world can find your business and become customers.
  • You will get all the tricks you will find nowhere else to get your business profile listed on top of Google map and your website listed in Google results for your main activity.
  • Indeep guidance how to create your Google business profile (former Google My Business) and all the tricks that will make you stand out from your competition
  • The secrets to tweak the homepage of your website to get listed in the top results of Google.
  • Tricks to multiply your visibility online that your competition never heard about
  • Downloadable chart for easy reference and fast deployment
  • Downloadable checklist to monitor your progress and make sure you did not miss a point for fast maximum return on investment

The secret formula to create videos that sell your services or products whilst you are asleep

  • How to create a video with your mobile phone in just a few minutes.
  • Secret learnings on the psychological formula to create a video that actually sells
  • Step by step formula that makes you say the right thing in the right moment that makes viewers buy
  • Including a script template you can tweak and fill the blanks to have your video ready in minutes

How to create passive income for your business

  • This is the ultimate quick guide to create passive income for your business.
  • Find out how you can create a passive income product for your business (any business)
  • If you want to scale your business this is the place to start
  • Can be used to generate passive income or/and generate an indefinite amount of leads coming fully automatically!
  • Straight to the point Guide
  • Made easy and fast for you ready template to fill the blanks!

The webinar crash course

This crash course was created on the fly on request of our clients that needed urgent guidance when the covid crisis hit. The goal was to be able to continue to do business without being able to visit clients physically. Now that people are used to this technology you can use it to save time, money and scale your business in grouping people for online presentations of your products and services and generate more leads than you ever did before. It includes:

  • How to get setup in minutes
  • The tech to use
  • How you can get 10 times more participants than you used to get in physical events.


Bonus #1
90 Days access to weekly VIP live coaching with Patrik
For a limited time only we offer you 90 days of personal access to the VIP live weekly training and Q&A sessions. Offer may end soon hurry up to secure your spot.
Direct access to recordings of previous events, you can start watching previous events and Q&A sessions right away
(Priceless $$$)

Bonus #2
Lifetime membership to our PermaCustomer community.
Join our Facebook group, get updates and tricks from me and my team, get help from fellow members that went through the same process before you, network, and share success stories!
Value = $550.00

Bonus #3
Checklist on what to do to make your entire website SEO ready
The logical next step after having kickstarted your online presence to start to scale. Use this list to plan your road ahead to continue increasing your flow of new customers!

Bonus #4
Online Reputation Secrets to Convert More Customers (Ebook)
The best secret to convert your visitors into customers!
Straight forward guidance you can apply right away and see sales increase. Some clients reported a growth of 270% in sales once applied!

Bonus #5
How to Monitor your leads to Double, Triple Your Sales
Double, triple your sales with the same marketing investment with a proper monitoring that will show you what works that you can scale and what doesn’t that you can stop immediately and reallocate the time and money budget to what works. (value $94.00)

Get it all for only : 387$
Secure your bundle and lifetime live training spot now!
Limited time only, we don’t know when we’re gonna take this crazy offer down!

We are all looking forward to having you in our PermaCustomer community where you can get guidance from fellow members, share success stories, network, get updates and tricks from Patrik and the FairTech team

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