Local SEO Course


Learn the basics of Local SEO. What it is and, in straight forward steps, how you can use it to beat your competition…


Discover how to master Local SEO

Master Local SEO with our 9 video lessons and 5 downloadable charts Stay ahead of your competition

Increase your revenue now!

  • Did you know you can help your website rank at the top just by using Local SEO?
  • Master Google My Business and start getting regular customers to your website now.
  • ​​This is your chance to enroll on the best course available on the market.
  • Learn how to better increase the number of visitors to your website and even to your store or showroom by using our Local SEO techniques.
  • Don’t wait any longer!

What you’ll get in our 9 videos

85 minutes + 5 downloadable templates

  • All the vital information needed to increase traffic to your website.
  • Learn how to master Google My Business to get regular customers
  • Tips on how to use both directories and social media to get 10x more results
  • Clear techniques on how to optimize your website ranking just by using Local SEO
  • Start using concrete local SEO strategies and monitor your success
  • Download charts to help you implement immediately

About the Instructor

Joseph is the Malta branch manager and trainer at FairTech.

He is passionate about helping FairTech’s clients to double and triple their income with online marketing.

In this course, Joseph explains how you can implement Local SEO in order to reach more clients and get regular new business.

Course Content

  1. Before we start
  2. Introduction
  3. What is Local SEO?
  4. Why is Local SEO so important?
  5. Google My Business
  6. Key Information Chart
  7. Local Directories
  8. Directories Registration Chart
  9. Your Website
  10. Social Media
  11. Social Media Registration Chart
  12. Monitor the outcome of your local SEO campaign
  13. Monitoring Chart
  14. Next steps and bonus
  15. Checklist
  16. Earn your final points…
  17. Collect your discount coupon code
  18. Bonus

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